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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers a way to make your dental visit pleasant, even if you usually suffer anxiety and fear. Randol Mil Family Dentistry understands dental visits can be stressful for our patients and we want to do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable.

If you are anxious or uncomfortable before or during your visit, let us know! Sedation dentistry makes it possible for even the most nervous patient to relax.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?

Sedation dentistry makes it possible to sit for the duration of the appointment without feeling anxious or restless. Benefits of sedation dentistry include:

  • Reduced fear and anxiety
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Able to focus on treatment plan details and at-home care advice

Our patients who have enjoyed the benefits of sedation dentistry report that the process is simple and relaxing. No longer do they dread their visits to the dentist! Patients can choose from two different types of sedation, including:

Oral Sedation

Patients are given anxiolysis, a light form of sedation that is helpful for mild anxiety. They remain awake during their appointment and are able to breathe on their own. Anxyolysis wears off within a few hours. This is the ideal solution for those feeling anxious about a particular procedure or their general cleaning.

Inhaled Sedation

Nitrous oxide is used for mild to moderate anxiety cases. Patients wear a small mask that allows them to inhale “laughing gas.” Time seems to pass faster and their pain threshold is increased. Once the mask is removed, breathing returns to normal and the effects of the nitrous oxide disappear.

If you believe sedation dentistry can help you improve your dental health, we understand. Call us today to schedule a consultation and determine the best option for you.

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